Tonight we held our first online meeting and it was a great success; thank you to everyone who participated! Minutes from that meeting can be found here: That will be a continuous document to track our progress and updates.

We formed committees to tackle various logistics and are looking for others to join those groups. They are as followed:

Physical infrastructure: determining plans/strategies for food, water, sleeping arrangements, supplies, first aid kits, batteries and more for an extended occupation.

Outreach: managing social networking, contacting organizations, designing flyers and pamphlets, facilitating meetups. Also includes media/art/journalism.

Transportation: getting people to the occupation, as well as mapping out routes to march/rally.

Legality: researching and distributing information about citizen’s rights and safety.

Technology: troubleshooting potential issues with communication, organizing servers and networks, discuss options for podcasts/pirate radio/walkie talkies, etc. Also need to build a better website.

If you are interested in becoming a part of one of these committees or have something to add, please email with the name of the committee in the subject line as well as the task you would like to tackle.

We also have a running list of organizations to contact and collaborate with. If you want to help with this, or are part of an organization and want to work with us, please email us.

Another online meeting will be held on August 28th at 8 p.m.; due to the unfamiliarity with IRC, another groupchat option will be used for the next meeting, possibly Skype. More info will come this week. An online meeting is also scheduled for September 4th, and an in-person meetup is in the works for September 11th. Info on that will also be available soon.

The IRC channel will be open continuously if you would like to stop by and chat, and you can also get a hold of someone through email.




Here is a press release for the Occupy Financial District SF occupation. Please feel free to distribute it to anyone interested.


Occupy Financial District: Peaceful Occupation on California St, San Francisco

San Francisco, CaliforniaSeptember 17th, 2011 – Plans for a peaceful occupation in San Francisco are under way after the #occupywallstreet campaign has gone viral.

Activists and citizens on the West Coast who cannot venture to New York City are gathering to display a sister movement in San Francisco to protest against fiscal irresponsibility, corporatocracy, and general dissent with the United States leadership. Occupy Financial District SF is partnering with numerous activist organizations on the West Coast to combine numbers and media attention. The non-violent rally is set to take place on September 17th, 2011, at 555 California Street in San Francisco at 2 p.m. with plans to maintain an on-going occupation until demands are met.

Occupy Financial District San Francisco is looking for interested persons to discuss logistics. Additional tasks are also in need of fulfillment, particularly technology and transportation. Please direct all questions and suggestions to the contact information provided below.


IRC Freenode: #OWSWestCoast


I’ve been getting emails from a lot of different people on the West Coast and I think it’s time we unite and focus on planning one event. While originally I was advocating for action within communities, I think our efforts are best spent with one goal in mind. Because there have already been seeds planted in the Bay Area, and San Francisco’s financial district is one of the most important in the country, I say let’s focus on organizing there. If you absolutely can’t make it to San Francisco, please still continue to rally locally, but if you can, let’s get serious.

If you or anyone you know is in the process of planning anything SF-based, we need to partner.

Okay, first things first, we need to start talking to one another. If anyone can get on IRC, the channel is on Freenode: #OWSWestCoast. We need to organize logistics, PR, networking, rides, and more. If you have a task you would like to volunteer to do, please provide a name (can be an anonymous nickname) and an email address so we can compile a list.

A Twitter account will be up soon and we also need a Facebook event set up.

Anyway, that’s all for now. 🙂


Many of us can’t venture to NYC for the main #occupywallstreet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t organize locally. This page will be regularly updated. Please email if you want to help.