Press Release

Here is a press release for the Occupy Financial District SF occupation. Please feel free to distribute it to anyone interested.


Occupy Financial District: Peaceful Occupation on California St, San Francisco

San Francisco, CaliforniaSeptember 17th, 2011 – Plans for a peaceful occupation in San Francisco are under way after the #occupywallstreet campaign has gone viral.

Activists and citizens on the West Coast who cannot venture to New York City are gathering to display a sister movement in San Francisco to protest against fiscal irresponsibility, corporatocracy, and general dissent with the United States leadership. Occupy Financial District SF is partnering with numerous activist organizations on the West Coast to combine numbers and media attention. The non-violent rally is set to take place on September 17th, 2011, at 555 California Street in San Francisco at 2 p.m. with plans to maintain an on-going occupation until demands are met.

Occupy Financial District San Francisco is looking for interested persons to discuss logistics. Additional tasks are also in need of fulfillment, particularly technology and transportation. Please direct all questions and suggestions to the contact information provided below.


IRC Freenode: #OWSWestCoast



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